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Murphy's law

So life has a way of happening when you least expect it. Another bloody Murphy's law i expect. You don't have money the car breaks down, the power runs out the kids needs shoes for school exc. I don't know why but everything happens in three's. And it's not only raining it's pouring bad luck. Something goes wrong and bam the whole kit and kaboodle falls out. And you are left standing with a wtf just happened expression on your face.

Sometimes you can't help but smile about just how bad things can go. Because really you can't do anything about it... Just let it happen. You get pissed off what the hell it's not going to stop the order of things to happen you is it?? Just go with the flow roll with the punches get up dust yourself off and wait for the next blow. Murphy's law is real. Wish i knew who the hell this Murphy was. Because really his law is screwed up at times


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