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Mission and Vision

Good day

We are a NPO/NGO that has formed because of people like us that has know one to talk to. About their psychological problems. Or any other problems they may have. We are here if you have a cellphone or laptop you can be in contact with us.

We use the texting platform as means of communication. No records everything is held digital. It is more private to our clients, they tend to open up more and faster. We are always available, in other words leave your messages and when we wake up in the middle of the night we answer your message.

Currently we are over run with persons who can't take a break from work to go see a professional we help as far as we can. And make sure they get the necessary support from us.

We have been doing this for more than a year now and we doing it out of our own pocket, the admins is volunteers that use their own data to be available when someone reaches out. We try to always reply immediately. We don't have a machine that place music while you are having a break down.

We need help to reach more peole to!! Help us with our high data usage, i pay up to R20 000 a month for Facebook ads.

The need is growing and we need more volunteers for admins. Example if we can get university students to work the line for extra credit...

We want to put people at police stations to give immediate counseling to the raped, and abused. That first contact is critical and unfortunately they don't always get the right treatment when reporting an incident, so they walk out. The abuse or rape doesn't get reported so that person walks around with the trauma.

We want to place people at hospitals. For the patients getting booked in in an emergency. Most people find that as the most traumatic experience. The hospital staff is overwhelmed so don't have time to always explain what is going to happen next. That will be our job. Take the trauma away from being admitted.

Talk to the families keep them updated.

Men who are abused we want them to have a safe place because they are out there and nobody takes notice of them. They just keep quiet with this we tend to see more men stepping fwd. Asking for help.

The youth reaches out with abuse, bullying exc.

They feel safe to talk because we actually listen and we don't judge any of our clients.

Woman reaches out for assistance when being raped. We go with them through everything online. We stand by woman getting abused, woman who is getting an abortion. We are literally just a message away.

Most in trauma withdraw because they will get hysterical if they talk. We give them the option to talk whenever they want to, without needing to hear themselves say it out loud, until they are ready.

We are catering for cancer and other untreatable diseases. Where the patients become their own and other's support. Or explaining procedures and medical treatments. What worked for them and what did not.

We cater for their families so they can understand better what the patient is going through and what they as caregivers go through.

We post real live stories people can relate to. I do posts of psychological illnesses and post it. Giving people more info on depression anxiety bipolar, alzheimers exc. Information they can understand.

We are URGENTLY looking for foodparcels. For the family that just couldn't make it that month. Sponsors for electricity.

Sponsors for clothing.

Please i ask for any assistance you might offer to get this program up and running. We are going to need a lot of people yes. So we can create jobs for quite a lot of unemployed persons.

Trained and on the job training. We need people to build each other up, to walk their road with them.

And we practice by five point code:

No colour

No gender

No judgement

No religion

All are helped.

Toinette Grobbelaar (Toni)

‪083 651 3729‬


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