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What is life if you are not living it what is life if you are not learning from it if you are not growing with it Depression is a lonely place it's s struggle but you can overcome it don't let it kill you .You are greater than you think, realize who you are are why you are still alive today . Don't let Depression isolate you you need to get up. Take time out find yourself forgive yourself learn to fall in love with yourself take ownership of you life. It's your life live it don't give up , just because some of us suffer with depression dosent make us bad people we just different but allow that difference to create greatness in you. Don't be a victim be a Victor. Life is still beautifull, just the fact that you still alive today means you have a divine purpose in you to fullfill. You are alive today impact this world to make a difference. You have s gift in you that noone else noone else can be like you, you are unique. Don't let Depression break you let it build you and become the best version of yourself. You and only you can take yourself to where you want to be oneday. You are not destined by who you are now and where you are now but by who you want to be and what you want to become and the sacrifice you are willing to take to get yourself there. You need to have grit - dedication, passion and be hungry for what you want in life...

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