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What if you are just not good enough??

You are born into a cruel world where you are raised as 'just not good enough'. And it starts early in your life you aren't even aware of it, mostly you start wondering at the age of about 6 'apparently'.

'Apparently' because 78.6% of the "not good enough's" can't remember their early childhood. They go by photo's and what is told to them, that becomes their memories.

Early teens they start remembering snatches of hurt, happiness and rejection. Ex. The day you wanted to 'give her a hug' after school, being pushed away with the words "don't be silly, I am busy, and have a headache..." Your sibling walking past you starts 'tickling her, hugging her, messing up her hair...'! You never forget her face, their laughter echoing in your head forever mocking you, 'you were never good enough'. All the times you were so proud of an accomplishment no matter how big or small... Your siblings always did better. Your accomplishments did not count, won't even be remembered. Later years you #rebel and you talk about your #memories. Just to hear it "it never happened", "don't know where you get that from". Hearing it often enough #selfdoubt sets in. And you start questioning your #memories your #life.

#Memory is a 'bitch' you find the same degrading words over and over in your life. Things like "you aren't thinking right", "you were always the favorite", "you aren't doing it right", "you are to loud", "you're to fat", "to thin", and on and on it goes a #Neverending vicious circle called your life.

You know what I am talking about!! You not being #proud of your own accomplishments 'cause it's nothing to be #proud of. You who just never seem to reach the sunlight. You who either live in a #dreamworld, #exaggerated, or have #selfpity.

So you learn to stay in the #shadows. And whenever someone gives you #compliments or #acknowledge your abilities. You don't know how to #react, get #flabbergasted....

A lucky few find themselves. Their #voice their #innerself. And the #flourish. They start living in the sun, learn others do care... They learn #selflovematters, to #enjoylife, #lol that theirs nothing wrong to be #emotional. To reach for your #dreams.

Yes it's 'normal' to still feel #unsure, but WTF


Beaten but not Broken....

So Enjoy Your Life,

Be #proud and find you #newjourney. You owe it to yourself!!!



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