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Life with Depression

How hard is life with depression?

Let me ask you a question.

What is the most important thing in life to you? Look away from the rest of this answer and see what springs to mind.

I will nearly guarantee that a sense of autonomy didn’t come to mind because it is a given and is so weaved in and out of your psyche to the extent you don’t even notice it. What do I mean by a sense of autonomy?

The freedom to choose. The freedom to be the director in your own life movie. Because once you lose autonomy you also lose hope.

Someone suffering severe depression has no choice but to live with it. They can’t just decide that tomorrow will be the end of their suffering. They can lose hope that anything is ever going to change. They constantly feel like they are an observer of their own life. They constantly feel they are painted into a corner and trapped within this horror show unable to just choose to be not depressed.

Imagine how difficult that is to live with. You can’t imagine it because you have never lived it. All you know is what you take for granted. How do imagine you would feel if you woke up tomorrow to find all that had been taken from you. Where and how would you start to get your life back when you feel there is no hope and no point?

Depression is bit like prison where all your choices are made for you and you don’t get to simply choose to walk out when you feel like it.


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