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Today I want to express my feelings towards labeling.

It happens so quickly and you don't even realize it sometimes, being angry we tend to say words that can leave scars, open raw wounds in the soul. Your remark to your child to your husband wife the clerk at the counter... Your dismissive and just a reaction remark can hurt that person for the rest of their lifes...

We all are anti bullying, why not labeling.

Let's take your children, your son just came in from school gave you hugs and kisses playfully looking for trouble with you. Ate and left, your daughter comes to you while you are still busy preparing the food and hug you from behind. Your response, can't you see i am busy now you come and hang on me in this heat. You are annoying. Yes that's not labeling, but this same child had to hear over and over from everyone you are your dad's kid. Numerous times had to hear she is just as crazy as her F&#R@ dad. Then had to listen just how crazy he is you telling a friend his psychotic, have borderline personality, and a narc. Now he has never been to a doctor nevermind a psychologist. So where did you study where did you get your diplomas?? Because while labeling your husband you also labeled your daughter. Remember your words just as crazy as your f&R#@ dad. Well that stuck in her mind. You just labeled 2 people in your family unknowingly.

So next time when you say something out of anger or without thinking.

Think of just how a big scar you leave.

Stop saying someone is schizo or they are bipolar and is definitely BP.

You do not know what is written in that person's book. You might see the cover but you don't know the writing.

Yes they check all the boxes, but if someone does that same questionair on you just how many boxes will you tick.

The stupid person behind the counter might not have slept the previous night because they were beaten up. You just don't see the physical scars.

Don't add to their emotional scaring. Don't kill someone's spirit just because you are having a bad day.



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