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committed know-it-all's are quick to assume they already know everything they "need to know" to make suggestions in how you should carry on.

hearing only bits and pieces they can apparently sum up any problem you might have.


Are you a "know-it-all"??

1. Argumentive - Challenging everything and everyone. Just because it's not your way of thinking...

2. Close minded to contrary viewpoints - If there's a shade thrown,it's gotta you. Doesn't matter who says what. Even if it's their chosen career for many years. No one can out-expert you.

3. Difficulty in forgiving - you don't forgive easily. you say you do but you don't. You will file the transgressions in alphabetical order. To be brought up everytime that invidal dares to disagree with you.

4. Interpretive Qualifiers - You don't need it. Because if you say something it's always right. You don't forget and never lie. You don't need to explain anything you say...

5.Self-Doubt - There is no room for self-doubt. And "if" you decide to get another point of view it will be from another Know-it-all in your closed sircle of superiority.

5. Condescending - When questioned or disagreed with, you switch to "oh honey" mode. You want them to feel small and stupid. You try to hide your anger with wit, humor and authority all the while burning up inside with anger towards the stupid people.

7. Discount all Contradictory info- Everything that calls your knowledge into questions is "fake news" or "they don't know what they're talking about". Even if they specialized in their field...

8. "Fixer" - You know what the problem is and what "you would have done". Just by a sentence out of the first few lines of a conversation. You have identified the problem and have a "fix" all ready to go. No need to hear anything else...

9. Impressive - If someone is trying something, you know already because you did it eons ago. You always need to be superior to the invidal whose still trying. You act superior in all walks of life best in everything from planting grass to psychology. you KNOW!!!

Now you know. You have checked all the boxes?? Congrats probably knew the outcome already you are a Know-it-all.

So I wondered what happens to the mere mortal who disagrees. I did some investigating and found out that 9 out of 10 completely change their viewpoint at a drop of a penny. and convince the mortal he said the sky is green not the know-it-all they said all along it's blue.

So yeah agree to disagree damned if you do damned if you don't.

A know-it-all can and will break you psychologically and then put the blame on you for having a breakdown.


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