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Killing fires

Killing fires

This was a trying time for me for my team and for the participants on the groups.

After preaching to everyone about not stopping their psychiatric meds i went and forgot mine at home. Thought ag it's just a weekend how wrong can you be. By Saturday afternoon i was at full blown withdrawal anxiety through the roof, and we had to come home so i can get my meds. Took three days to be my normal self again. In short it was hectic. So please if you are on psych meds don't miss once i promise you everything goes in super drive. Your anxiety your depression you absolutely freak out. It wasn't fun.

So if you are a follower and read my previous posts, you would know that i had to let go two of my admins, and the third left on his own record after pledging his loyalty over and over. He just left. Then two more left because i decided that all the groups will be run under one name The Shackz and that admins will be on all the groups, that didn’t sit well with them because they wanted to be part of The Shackz but excluded from the rest. So yes we need admins, admis that's loyal and be part of a team, be there for the participants and not take over the conversations.

Yes that was not all suddenly after all these admins went they started their own groups poaching openly our participants, and just to add insult to injury suddenly someone felt it necessary to try and extort money from us lol taking sex videos and saying it's me aparently they were color blind as well as couldn't spell. The blond in the video definitely wasn't my 51 year old ass. But whatever rings your bell.

After losing quite a few participants we are building again and we are stronger and really see we are making a difference.

A big humble thank you to all the admins who stayed loyal, the participants in all the groups for staying with us.

We are here for you we ask more questions before we add you to a group, and your private messages with admins stays private. And we are assured by WhatsApp security that better security protocols is being brought in for businesses like us.

Thank you for your loyalty

Founder & Creator

The Shackz


083 651 3729

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