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life is like a kaleidoscope. each see it in their own unique way. sometimes the light side sometimes grey and yes everyone's life has a dark side. as we move through life we adjust adapt and move forward. we don't just stare at the bright side. just have to turn the damn thing and see how it will turn out. it's human nature it's nature it's life. so what happens if we get stuck to afraid to turn that little gadget. not being able to move on physically or mentally... stuck. to afraid to move on turn that gadget. get a new perspective. face whatever the next turn may bring. brightness greyness or the all consuming darkness. we will get through every turn. adjust adapt but keep miving forward. don't judge another's life you don't see their kaleidoscope. trust your own decision that gut feeling reach out because with every turn there is new things to see new experiences new feelings. don't stop you can be beaten but never broken... just keep on turning. T

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