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Lady D resonded on the video about God's mighty roar when you feel you can't anymore (Lion King)

She told me their story seem to scare people. And after reading what they've been through. Years of abuse that came together in a vicious attack in one afternoon. The trauma the anger the injustice. But mostly the mind numbing fear they live in now. I knew their story has to be shared far and as wide as possible...


As told by Lady D

"My son Darren Joseph was in matric when he saved me from continues beating with a motorbike steel shock absorber. The abuser hit my son away from me he ran and hit him over his head so hard that that shot broke my sons skull. Our skinny bodies was repeatedly lashed while laying on the ground while I was covering my son praying to God and asking him to pls not die when I couldn't feel a pulse. About after between 5 and 10 minutes he got up still covering me and protecting me from behind while we were trying to flee from the torturer. My son suffered major traumatic brain injury. Even my motor vehicle standing on the road got smashed. This happened on a Friday evening on the 8th and SAPS made no arrest even though they were called by neighbors and a security and was on the scene. This was the 1st time they came out after over a week calling for help. They looked shocked and just stood there watching me cry for an ambulance and for Darren to stay with us. The accused handed himself over on the Monday after he had enough time to make up all the lies to cover up his cruel intended actions. After applying for bail and making a fool of Justice Bail was denied in the interests of Justice by Magistrate Mavuso at Witbank magistrates court. There are more than five witnesses . The matter was postponed for almost 2yrs till Feb 2022 when the regional court suddenly granted the accused R2000 bail in our absence. When we arrived at court the matter was heard and he the accused is out of custody.

When I approached the investigating officer he was not aware that the accused even applied for bail, it was new news to him.

When we queried why bail was granted, we were told that the accused cannot be kept in custody without a free and fair trial for more than 2yrs and because his lawyer didn't attend because of none payment he had the right to apply for legal aid and that we were living in the house. The (man) was not able to give us the bail conditions. They wanted to give us taxi fair to return home after 14h00 on a Friday. The court had no money so the court manager instructed Saps to return us safe to our residents in Jhb. We arrived home after 8 that night completely traumatized , confused not to mention tired and hungry.


On the 30 March 2022 I received a

SMS from SAPS. WITBANK that the charges has been withdrawn in court on 2022-03-24. Reason for withdrawal: SSP - WITHDRAWN IN COURT - NOT ENOUGH EVIDENCE. Do NOT reply to this SMS.

Again the investigating officer told me that he does not know where it comes from.

On the 12th of April 2022 I received another SMS from SAPS. WITBANK Court date postponed to 2022-09-05. Do NOT reply to this sms

Both sms's is referring to the same case number.

We were not informed to be in court on the 24th of March 2022 when these charges was withdrawn.

There is sooo much more reason for us to believe that this case is not being dealt with fairly and that THE JUSTICE SYSTEM in Witbank broke our trust to allow a man who nearly killed us, destroyed my sons future, our lives, be the cause of us living in fear be given *more oppertunity* to cause more harm asif he never did enough crime or wrong abusing, damaging, destroying and selfishly violating our and others human rights.

Since 2019 besides us giving statements no one has ever questioned or interviewed us regarding the matter. The investigating officer is always on leave. Matters gets postponed because the accused has issues with lawyers.

Now I close this part of my grievance with the fact that there are 2 case numbers of which there are several charges and that we have been subpoenaed to be in court on the 5, 6, 7& 8 of September 2022. We are so afraid and wonder will all our preperation be another waist of energy tears trauma and time as in the past. After the shock in Feb it clearly seems we have no say or right we don't matter, are we worth the justice of GBV in this country. I am not racist but I have reason to think that we are racially been discriminated. To stare at a camera monitor all day and night because of my biggest fear is not how my sons and I want to live forever.

Our basic economic rights was also abused when we were deprived of rights to the residents we shared but mainly to have access to our belongings such as clothes, documents etc. We were told by his lawyer and others that a projection order was in place and not allowed. SAPS believed them every time even though not once they were abale to produce a copy. A man who was on the premises living in the house containing all our hard earned possessions and more was even wearing my sons and late husbands clothes. This literally choked me.

Suicide crossed my mind many times to end this suffering of seeing how all my sons hard work was robbed from him by a man I chose to care for, do for and loved. but I know MY REDEEMER lives and is merciful. My other 2 sons are emotionally and psychologically damahed.

Any guidance advise and help will be appreciated.

Will I ever be able to tell the court how many times this man nearly killed us.

I've reached out to SAPS and the family court that I pray I'll never have to call on deaf ears ever in my life.

Is it normal to live in, pain, suffering and fear in this country.

At what cost does peoples lives and worth get disregarded and destroyed daily. How much tolerance is allowed?

I'm hurt and lost trust in those who promised to serve and protect. Who has more rights, the perpetrators or millions of woman and children who destroyed even by a justice system when their basic human rights gets violated by a system that is failing the nation? Who actually has rights here in South Africa is my question?

Can someone please remind us what are they and who do we report to when those rights gets broken taken and ROBBED from us.

Men have rights to, yes as much as every animal, women and child but who gave them the right to murder, rape, beat, steal, torture and destroy the lives of those they also conceived.

Do we all not have a beating heart?"

Written by

Lady D mother of Darren

Posted by

Founder /Creator

The Shackz


+27 83 651 3729

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