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I have found with myself, that you are so busy trying to be what others expect you to be... That you lose yourself along the way. You start having anxiety attacks depression. Why? Because you aren't yourself.

You can never be everyone's cup of tea. You can never be the perfect daughter, the perfect sister, the perfect mom, or the perfect partner.

So why try. I know it's damn easy to say. But you keep going back keep trying setting yourself up for failure over and over again.

You have to first walk away from the toxic people in your life. Find yourself your potential your self love. Learn to ignore the darkness that tells you you aren't good enough, stop brooding over all your failures so readily pointed out until its a refrain in your mind.

I am not going to pink cloud it. It's hard, and it's a day to day struggle. And you are going to slip, it's okay it's the getting up that counts. It's the you looking in your own eyes in the mirror, seeing yourself your hurt your scars. And you are proud you can say I love you, for who you are.


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