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Is getting depression a choice? What is your opinion?

As human beings if given a to chance to choose between being miserable or being blissful. None of us would be picking up the former option, i.e. to be miserable.

So Depression is a Mental health disorder and nobody chooses it for themselves just like nobody chooses getting a heart attack, or Diabetes. There are specific causes so as to why either (i.e. Physical illnesses or Mental illnesses) might occur.

I would like to give another example to explain why getting diagnosed of depression is never a choice just like maybe getting an heart attack isn’t, nobody would like to consiously choose painful experiences for themselves but in my opinion getting out of it is always a choice and once you make that choice, life comes running back to you. Understand me quite well depression is not something you can just dnap out of. It's a hard sometimes very lonely road. But it can be done with the right positive support system in place.

You can't just stop drinking your anti depressants one day and say i am healed. It's a process and know you are most vulnerable then. One wrong eord or look can take you down the rabbit hole again. It is your choice if you are going to stay down or start gighting again...

To get on a journey from this,☹️

To this


Might seem quite impossible to many but believe me it is more than possible and I'm not saying it to generate any false hopes but to instil belief in whoever reading this that this journey is possible, help is available all you have to do it is just ask. You never choose it for yourself, you do not have to doubt yourself, stick to any baseless stigmas or be guilty of anything. Just accept it for what it is, A mental health disorder, reach out and ask for help.

We are all in this together.

Hold all the hope of this universe in your arms and Shine Bright!! 🌞


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