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I am woman

She gave him everything, even more than she thought she could give..

And it still didn’t matter.

She sacrificed and gave her all for the sake of their relationship and him..

But it wasn’t enough.

She put him and his needs first, always being there when he needed her, without question.

But that didn’t change what happened.

As the night closed in around her, all she could feel was the overwhelming heaviness of her heart breaking.

She had broken her own heart trying to hold onto a man that just didn’t care about her the way she did about him.

All she did, all she was, all she gave didn’t matter to him in the end.

He left without even looking back, leaving her with questions she knew she might never know the answer to.

She wondered why as the pain turned over in her mind and heart, over and over..

Where had she failed and what was wrong with her?

She almost couldn’t breathe as the weight of the heartache felt almost suffocating.

Tears streaming down her face, she stood up to look in the mirror.

Wiping her face, she stared at the tearstained face of a woman who just wanted to be loved.

She was tired of being let down and love shattering her heart into countless pieces.

She grimaced at the reflection she saw.

This is not where she had thought she would be so many years ago as a younger woman with high hopes and a bright future.

Heartache and dead end love had nearly torn her down into nothing..

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

She couldn’t do this anymore.

She deserved better than to spend all these nights crying her heart out over men that didn’t really care about her.

She had a choice to make- either continue to make the same mistakes over and over, ending up in this same place...

Or choose a different path.

Her heart was tired and her soul was weary.

She was done letting life and love cast her aside because she continued to settle.

She decided to stop chasing love at all costs and to do the things that made her happy.

Living for love had done nothing but cause her pain and sadness.

It would be a different road than she had been on, but she had to change the way she was living.

She wasn’t happy and continuing to do the things and love the men that made her upset wasn’t going to make her happy.

She had to ask herself the hard questions and begin to try to understand what made her soul happy.

She honestly didn’t know anymore, it had been so long since she hadn’t been trying to please someone else.

She hadn’t ever really tried to find herself because she had always been too busy trying to make some man happy.

That was changing, starting now.

Maybe she didn’t know where she was going or how to get there, but she’d figure it out..

But for the first time in her life, she was living for herself..

It would be hard and she didn’t really know how, but she’d figure it out along the way.

Maybe she’d get lost and lose her way, but at least she was doing it her way.

She had finally realized that she would always be more than enough..

Today, tomorrow and forever.

Her life, her way, her rules.

Finally free to seek what made her soul happy.

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