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“I am not a product of my circumstances, but a product of my decisions!”,

Stephen.R.Convey. How true is this?

For homo sapiens, definitely both circumstances and decisions to those circumstances defines what we become.

Circumstances are something which is not in our control and can never be in control. Some situations in our life come with plethora of options to choose from while other situations serve us a never solvable puzzle no matter how hard we try.

When we are at a juxtaposition of multi-way route of life, then we decide which way to follow and ultimately we end up somewhere, be it from a good, bad or ugly decision.

But when instead of roads and diversions we encounter a rock mountain standing tall in front of us and there is no way out then our choices become limited. Eachone of us is different and is dealing with different situations and making different decisions. How can we measure success by looking at the product only. Product is only the final outcome.

Decisions may make a better product but for existence of product itself, raw materials and uncountable other factors are needed. How can one swim on the land? How can one fly under the sea?

However, circumstances should not be granted as an escape route to explain every failed attempt. There are certain situations where one’s decision make or break their path to success.

Let it be a graceful fall in ugly situations and a humble rise in favorable ones. Experience, motive to learn, grow and become a little better than yesterday should drive our decisions.


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