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How do I move on from my narc?

Keep a journal. Write down your feelings. Find other people who have survived, narcissistic abuse, and understand what you’ve been through. Watch Dr. Ramani on YouTube. And remember, no matter what you remember of any good times, the abuse was far worse and it would never change. You need to realize that. Realize that it’s not your problem, but rather something wrong with them. Don’t blame yourself, forgive them, but move on, and do not leave the door open because if they get their foot in, they will start the cycle all over again. Don’t soften. No contact is the only way to ensure you don’t get sucked back into the abuse. But like my mom always told me, when you need to remove something negative from your life, you should try to replace it with something positive or else you’ll feel avoiding may be more likely to return to the negative thing. I’m not suggesting you go out and find a new person to replace them, but rather maybe some friends who understand what you have been through & could be supportive can be there to support you


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