Good morning

So it's a new day. Normal day or a upside down day. Who knows just have to deal with whatever comes my way. Treading the line. Being careful not to step over it lol. And with my luck i am going to not only step over the line i am going to blunder over it fall my ass off break the line. You know how it is lmao.

Why is it when you are extra careful bloody Murphys law decides to step in. I swear it just waits for us to think today i am going to walk the line..

Life has a way of pulling the rug right from under you. Leaving you suspended in air for a couple seconds which feels like eons, before your stomach drops through your ass and you end up flat down on it.

It's thise days you really need to have someone you know when you come crashing down head Over ass...

That you come to the realization you are on your own not even the bloody dog wants to be in your company.

Those days i want to be there for you because i know what it means not to exist

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