Goimg full circle

you start as one against the world. then you become 3. you learn to juggle you learn not to step on each other's toes. you cope day in day out. you start to exist again

your opinion don't count anymore. they do their best to listen but with a million other things on their mind. you realize you are just existing. you learn to always wait for the but you could have put less sugar more milk. i am not moaning just saying. day in day out. routine. the verbal abuse becomes part of your lufe life your whole being you react with a sorry makung excuses

then you ask for help beg for help

but no ones listening.you curl up and die inside. and hope to god for a little privacy a litle respect

to start being a woman again being seen for who you are not just a friend not just here when needed. not just one of the kids in the household but lover friend partner....

and you carry on existing

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