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Getting over Depression

Is it possible for someone to get over being depressed by changing their frame of mind and getting on with it?

Let’s get something straight right off the bat.

There are a million miles between ‘being’ depressed and ‘suffering’ depression.

True depression of the type a professional would recognize doesn’t respond to simply changing ones frame of mind and getting on with it. It’s an illness, not a lifestyle choice.

People use the word depression when in actual fact they mean feeling p****d off at life, or feeling down, fed up or feeling disappointed which is the price of admission to the human race. Let me put this another way to put things into perspective by asking you a question.

Do you not think if getting out of actual depression was as simple as ‘changing the frame of mind and getting on with it’ that sufferers wouldn’t have already done so? Who in their right mind would stick with depression if the solution to getting out of it were so simple?


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