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Frik Schoultz's path to victory



"Prostate problems ... what is it?

I do not really know how to describe who it really is because it is actually for me a very personal something that is difficult to put into words due to the sensitive description of it. Well I'm going to try and apologize but if there are sometimes harsh words slipping in but there may not be another way for me to describe it. Let's take the time back to about 4 years ago.

With a doctor's examination due to an abdominal stomach, call it what you want pain, he then recommends that we (at least he) want to do a prostate test. Well, I say you can do what you want, I just do not take off my pants. No he promises it's just a little blood draw and send away for analysis So said so made

After about a week he let me know I should come see him I was told that my PSA score is 19 which needs immediate attention and referred me to a urologist when The horse wanted to cut and do all sorts of other things like talking about chemo etc. Well I said ok and was out of his consulting room and closed the door to never go back Chemo never

Well I then started myself doctor with cannabis extraction oils Kankerbos and several other natural meds

Well, about 3 years later, on the recommendation of a friend, I went to see a specialist urologist from America and went through the same series of tests where my PSA score was 13.7 ...

I realized with the last inquiry at the American and decided lets go for it I see what he can do. Now I do not get the idea that I will sit back and see if his meds will work ... no I fully inquired about all that lives and trembles through the internet and got so many testimonials from people who got well or like cancer language in remission went through the right diet that I decided there and then it is "That's the way to go"

Not only diet but also getting your mind right and it was the biggest struggle to get your mindset right I am 70 years old and have maintained a very good lifestyle until now I realized that I was largely responsible for the cancer myself in my body by eating wrong over the years and that it is due to junk food To change to the diet was a hell of an adjustment I call the diet simply THE NO MAN MADE FOOD DIET I mean is no prcessed foods no red meat no dairy products I can name an elle long list of not tolerable foods go visit auntie google she gives great advice on cancer diets

Watered down food or semi - cooked vegetables are not in the class of a five star meal now but there is definitely no food for cancer. That way I bring my side to starve that disease. As for meat I do eat meat if I am 100% sure it is not meat where the animals were fed on steroids or whatever to get it is quite a problem so I am now completely dependent on meat for venison off

Since I'm on a diet I feel physically better with the use of medication Sometimes the pain is bad but I process it through my positive mindset Being positive is better than being negative I am very active in the sense that I spend a lot of time at the fishing waters and force myself to do small chores at home My planning is long term even though I live from day to day One day at a time Last but certainly not least My heart is on the right place and I know without my God this is a lost battle ... "

Frik 🐟


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