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Kaneh Bosom Elixer

The Healing plant

We all know uncle Frik by now through his Cancer posts. His a honost and reliable person whom we all hold in high regard.

Uncle Frik started experimenting on himself from 1995. After the hard blow of being diagnosed with prostate cancer he just took the blow and started to make something for the unbearable pain.

Yes we know what works for us don't mean it will work for you. Can be taken with your prescription and Chronic. It can be used for any type of pain treatment.

The Product

It consists out of x2 kinds of oils.

Oil 1 - is infused with Gliserien

Oil 2 - is infused with MCT oil. (MCT oil is a refined coconut oil

Butter cream,- This is infused with Shea butter

Packaged: in 15ml

1 bottle is 1 months treatment

Dosaged: 5 Drops ×3 a day

The product is high on CBD but very low on THC.

It was tested on himself for pain and he took it further and took his product to the... National officially, analytical forensics Services! They tested 21 incl KB and KB CAME OUT ON TOP.

Any enquiries please what's up uncle Frik at

+27 66 022 3464

Creator & Founder


083 651 3729

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