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False GBV Allegations

Despite gender-based violence (GBV) being a global crisis, there are women who commit perjury by making false GBV allegations.

In South African law, perjury occurs when a person makes a false statement to try and change the outcome of a legal proceeding.

motive for falsifying GBV allegations. There have been instances on social media where a man would pick up a woman from a club after a night of partying. The woman would demand money from the man. The woman would cry rape when the man is unable to give her the requested amount.

Khumalo said his organisation is yet to tackle such cases and that there are no accurate statistics on similar occurrences. He said this does not mean such instances have not occurred. However, it is hard to reference social media for these cases and pinpoint how common these occurrences are.

“There are few instances where there will be an allegation of rape, and the man in response says they did not agree on any transactional sex. We also insist that we need to allow the law to take its cause in such instances,” Khumalo said.

A few public figures have found themselves in a mud puddle of GBV allegations levelled against them by their former partners, and before they could even defend themselves, the court of public opinion would have made its guilty verdict.

Because of their prominence, these individuals are at a high risk of being stripped of their livelihood and socially humiliated, society tends to cancel the public figure, and because of the buzz and negativity attached to their names at the time, brands affiliated with these figures often distance themselves

In 2018, American actor Johnny Depp famously known for his “Pirates of the Caribbean” role was dropped from the “Fantastic Beasts“ movie franchise following GBV allegations made by his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

The Washington Post published an opinion piece by Heard that implied she was a victim of domestic violence. As a result, Depp lost numerous contracts and movie roles. Depp filed a defamation lawsuit against Heard and was awarded $10 million by the Fairfax County Court in June this year.

In South Africa, award-winning television host Katlego Maboe’s life changed when his ex-girlfriend, Monique Muller, accused him of GBV in 2020. Maboe suffered reputational damage. Maboe was canned as the ambassador for OUTsurance Holdings, a South African insurance and investment company established in 1998, and suspended from the SABC 3 weekday morning show, Expresso, when the allegations surfaced.

perpetrator, fear of community and or gang reprisals, intimidation of the victim and or their families within the communities they reside in, loyalty to family members, or fear of their reaction to abuse allegations,” said Advocate Mthunzi Mhaga, special director at the NPA.


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