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4 Types of Empaths: Which Are You?

Empath ability manifests in a whole host of ways, some of which may surprise you.

I have identified four main types of empaths but this is by no means an exhaustive or strict list; just some ideas to get you thinking about how your empathic ability can manifest and be applied in everyday life. ⠀

As you get to grips with your sensitivity and learn how to balance self-care with helping others, your specific skill set can begin to blossom. The term empath is simply a starting point as you get comfortable with working with energy, but as time goes on you can find you drift from the label. ⠀

You might have strengths from more than one group but are more comfortable with either physical, spiritual, emotional or mental empathy. Take a look at these characteristics of the different type of empath and see which one fits you best.

Empath Abilities

Physical: a physical empath is someone who can feel other people’s physical pain. A balanced physical empath can feel other people’s pain without becoming overwhelmed.

Mental: an empath who can pick up on what others are thinking with ease and uses the power of their mind for creativity and problem solving. This type of empath is one who is incredibly familiar with their own internal worlds, has vivid dreams and visions.

Emotional: this type of empath is one who can pick up on what others are feeling as if they were feeling these emotions too. They can sense when someone is being dishonest or deceptive with ease.

Spiritual: a spiritual empath is skilled at picking up on spirits and non-physical beings. This type of empath makes a great medium or intuitive (psychic) reader.

Empathic ability doesn’t have to be ‘out there’, with practice it can be incorporated into all aspects of your life and work.

For example, you could be a great gardener specifically because you are able to feel and interact with your plants, and so can tend to their unique needs.

Your skill set could lie in telepathy and empathy (telempathy), making you a great intuitive reader. Therefore you are able to see where people’s minds are at and guide them on the paths they can take.

A medical empath can sense people's physical/mental pain without becoming overwhelmed making them great psychologists and doctors.

The day you learn what your super power is. Embrace it, I promise you you will unlock so many things that didn't make sense before. And you learn more every day on this journey.


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