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There are some special souls that exhibit certain traits and are known as “Earth Angels.” Are you of one of them? Here are 6 earth angel signs.

You can see people giving their best to stay ahead in the rat race, often frustrated, tired, sad, and self-centered. Everyone is not necessarily sad but frustrated they are.

What Is An Earth Angel?

Then you see bright people, busy spreading smiles and messages of peace and joy in an attempt to bring out positive changes in this world. These people are often called lightworkers, healers, or earth angels.

They just want everyone to live in harmony and work together to eradicate the problems that this planet currently faces. They cannot stand oppression, injustice, violence, or intolerance.

They are the most selfless people you will ever meet. All they want is for us to live in harmony, joyfully, with what we have. They may seem old school but that is who they are. They want us to be balanced and they think about the welfare of all. Your stature makes no difference to them.

They are the healers who are here to heal the planet. You often make comments or posts citing the deeds of someone as ‘faith in humanity restored’. These are those restorers, in this ever-evolving world, where everyone seems to ignore the common challenge we humans face. They remind us of it and also remind us how our lives should be in balance with nature.

They have good intentions for everyone and planet, they want us to live with higher consciousness resonating with the universe but our current state of affairs sometimes frustrates them.

If you feel like you’re an earth angel but are not sure, here are 6 signs to clear your doubts, and help embrace yourself.

Are You An Earth Angel? 6 Earth Angel Signs You Give Away

1. You’re Highly Sensitive

Earth angels are here for a purpose, and their primary aim is to make a difference in the world but introducing change comes at a huge price.

These angels can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the problems in the world and feel as if they cannot even get close to making a difference. They don’t enjoy being in crowds or with loud people. The contradicting energy can leave them anxious at times.

They tend to hide in the comfort of solitude most of the time to stay away from overstimulation and negative energy. They are highly sensitive to violence, hatred, and most negative things in the world or as portrayed by the media. Negative news and events depress them.

2. Solitude Is Your Best-friend

The earth angels like to spend most of their time alone recharging and balancing themselves. As we discussed earlier, they tend to become overwhelmed by the problems in the world outside thus they choose solitude to heal themselves and prepare for the next public encounter.

They are aware that they need to be the change they wish to see in the world. So, most of the time they are introspecting and healing themselves to be better versions of themselves.

3. You Are Empathetic And Deeply Caring

The earth angels feel deeply connected with fellow humans and tend to feel their pain as if it’s their own. These people would drop everything to help someone in need.

They have gone through pain and they don’t want anyone else to suffer the same pain. They can relate to your pain as they are likely to have been there before or just out of empathy. They live in the present moment and want to bring as much positive change as they possibly can.

4. You Feel You’re Here For A Purpose

Earth angels feel they are here for a purpose, particularly to heal the world. They are not taken in by materialism. Conforming to societal norms is something they don’t live by. They like to live by their own rules and don’t like people telling them what to do.

They never feel compelled to follow someone else’s path but want to leave their mark. They feel they are here for a purpose which is more than what we call normal and there is nothing else that will satisfy them.

They have a strong urge to do something in the field of humanitarianism. They are mostly social workers, counselors, therapists, and things of that sort. They prefer jobs where they can live their passion.

5. You Have A Strong Intuition

Earth angels trust the inner voice that guides them as they believe it to be messages from the universe. They believe the universe speaks to them through their intuition and trust it to bring positive things in their life.

They don’t judge through the lenses of logic. Their decisions are based on their emotions and inner voice. Unlike other people, they don’t really resonate with the programmed logical way of living in society today.

They are more inclined toward things that appeal to emotions such as art, music, storytelling, and anything that connects people in a meaningful way. When low, it’s from their inner voice that they seek guidance.

6. Modern Ideals Make No Sense To You

The norms of the modern world make no sense to the earth angels. Working a job we hate, buying things we don’t need, dressing or being how the world wants us to be, hating and fighting with fellow humans, lack of compassion and all such things make the angels question the ideals of this era and the answers make them reject these.

Earth angels know that we depend on each other for survival and even for happiness, we need to come together. They believe we should come together. When we can live in joy, compassion, and abundance together, why bring isolation between us?

They are preachers of love and something so beautiful overshadowed by something as ugly as hate makes no sense to them and annoys them.

They distance themselves from greed, materialism, conformism, and hatred. They like to spend time in nature which they feel is their second home and they feel connected. Borders, religion, race, or anything that promotes division and separation are something they steer clear from.

The path of a lightworker is not an easy one but in the end, it is very fruitful. If you are one of the lightworkers, don’t let the world bring you down. Remind yourself of the purpose you’re here for. You’re not here to fit into someone’s definition and not at all to be someone that others want you to be. You’re here to make a difference. Shine bright and spread the light.

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