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1h50 am

Its dark and bloody cold. But i am awake waking up with the feeling of dread? No explanation for feeling this way.

Ever just woke up knowing the shit is about to hit the fan. That right their is how i feel. Waking up feeling like this is not fun i can tell you that. So you spend your days waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not knowing if when or how... You just know. Ever felt that way.? And no for those who knows me i didn't do anything wrong. Just enjoying my work, trying to cope and not go under. But this damn dramatic sound of doom won't leave. For those who watch WWE i hear The Undertakers entrance song 🙄 very dramatic... 😂The uneasiness creeping up and down your back and neck.Goosebumps all over knowing the unknown is going to happen hoping gor the best expecting the worst. Thinking is it going to be just an unexpected hump in the road or is it the bloody spikes popping up ripping your tyres apart delivering a vicious blow.

So now it's the waiting game bump or spikes but DOOMSDAY is most definitely gping to happen....

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