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Donovan's Story Of Hope after Trauma

Donovan's Story

As told by him

"It takes one single moment to develop a traumatic change! One minute you feel self-assured, the next minute uncertain! We all experience trauma differently! We are all victims of it! No one can run away from trauma! Whether you ask for it or not,it happens is each and every one of us! Mine was a just a fleeting moment! One minute I was safe, the next minute I was in a hit and run! What is worse were the upcoming months after the hit and run! I was into theatre and out of theatre! Physicians tried to save my leg, only to become a victim of cancerous sepsis! Life changes, and sometimes faster than anticipated! We need to be alert for trauma! It can lead to fear,stress and dramatic consequences! Don't think we are free from sudden changes! We must not take our present situation for granted! Today, I've got one leg due to amputation! Did I ever thought of that? No, I didn't! Life 💀 can change in a dramatic moment! Start living proactively! 😍😘🥰

You can, Toni, because I am not ashamed of myself, I am actually proud that I can cope with all these traumatic circumstances, I am living almost twenty years with HIV, and did not once have symptoms, but here comes an unexpected cancer and rob me of a limb🙃

As this music soothes my heart and soul, I realize that there is unforseen business, things that I didn't let go! Up to this moment, I had a certain feeling of resentment for the person who was responsible for my misery! The person that hit and run! Now, I feel I have to let go, I am hoping that that person would find peace, because I am setting him free! I am letting go of this secret wishes against that person! As much as the LORD loves me,HE loves that person too❤️, I am really setting that person free now, and I am setting myself free from inner resentment! GOD cares🔥

I forgave the physicians, the surgeons who took so long to diagnose my status,if they told me earlier things might not have turned out in cancerous sepsis, I told them I was smelling the rottenness, I saw the pus running out like leprosy, and too late they responded, I am setting them also free, I can't take this hatred anymore 💚💛"


"Donovan I want to thank you for trusting us enough to share your story, your lessons, your life with us. You are an exceptional young man, to know you have to let go to heal. To set them free from resentment it takes a lot of guts. And I can say with all honosty: Sir you don't just talk the talk, you do walk the talk as well it is an honor to have you on the Brothers group."

The more Survivors step forward the more chance we have to reach victims and show them there is life after Trauma.


The Shackz

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Growing Wings


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