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Difference between narc and sosiopath...

Difference between narc and sosiopath...

A person who is a narcissist is largely not aware they are one.

They don't realize their behavior is abusive.

Some are very mild in comparison to other narcissists, kind in comparison quite frankly…

This doesn’t mean they won’t kill you later unfortunately…

They will have affairs and when they are finished with you they turn the page without a thought.

A person who is a sociopath (secondary psychopath) has a difficult time with emotional regulation.

They are always looking to qualm it by abusing or manipulating others.

They do what they want when they want and have no qualms in how they get it

If they want sex they will tie you up and rape you if you say no, just because, they will make up a reason to have their own story why you deserved it.

If they want a six pack and have no money (or even if they do) they will walk down to the convenience store, shoot the cashier and take it because they want it now…

They will get in kind with you and be married to two other people at the same time and steal from everyone at the same time.

A primary psychopath doesn’t need you but wants to get you to a high emotional reaction. They get off on it.

They are able to trick every single person, even people in relationships with them have no idea who they are.

Tricking people is what these psychopaths get off on the most.

And since they’re in a relationship with somebody, it gives them cover to do whatever they want to do.

These kind of people are generally high on the echelon of power circles and wealth.

Psychopaths are one percent of the population.

The worlds richest people that hold most of the wealth are 1% of the population.

Many though take careers in the helping professions and choose to abuse the weak and vulnerable. These people are easy to find as new victims in helping professions walk right through the door everyday. They also like to target members of their own family. Children are easy targets and completely vulnerable to being duped and abused.

All cluster B disorders are dangerous.

If you can recognize a person has one stay far away from them if you can..


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