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Do you suffer from depression or are you just not coping. Believing you will bounce back again. These are things you should know.

There is two types of severe depression

@ Situational depression that's the kind that comes from outside influences. Also known as Exogenous Depression

@ Then there's the one that comes on suddenly. Possible causes death, loss of self esteem, rejection, divorce, even the inability to express or admit anger toward others (holding in). Endogenous depression is much more severe than Exogenous Depression and patients will most probably need psychiatric help.

Depression isn't just one or two signs or symptoms but it can be a cluster of them. So be truthful to yourself and find your treatment.

- Trouble concerntrating and memory

- Feeling of guilt about inconsequential events

- Insomnia or excessive sleepiness

- Feelings of hopelessness and wortlessness

- Withdrawal from activities and interests

- Decreased interactions with family and friends

- Decreased work productivity

- Decreased relationships with co-workers

- Changes in bowel habits

- Weight gain or loss

- Decreased sexual drive

- Slowed speech and or motor activity

Severe depression however has more than one symptom

Endogenous Depression

* Retardation of thought and motion

* Substantial weightloss

* Feeling that depression has crept upon you - came out of the blue

* Wakes up early and can't go back to sleep

* Feels worse in the morning and improves as the day goes on

* Does not react to environment

Exogenous Depression

*. Precipitating events

* Trouble going to sleep

* Feeling fine in the morning but worse S the day goes by

* Weightloss of less than 10pounds

* Reaction to environment in other words if the person is with someone upbeat they feel upbeat

Remember now one thing you can suffer from more than one type of depression. If you can't just snap out off it or been feeling the same way GET HELP!!!!

Depression is real and it can kill.

All i ask is be truthful to yourself. Depression doesn't discriminate against your sexual orientation skin color race or age.

Stop hiding behind fake smiles and happiness step forward and make it real. Remember it's not just you suffering but it takes only one to have the guts to face the demon Depression.


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