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Depression is a living death affecting mind, body and soul.

You are drowning in quicksand. The physical fatigue and weakness can be so severe you barely get out of bed and feel like your body is shutting down.

It can destroy your Self and ability to lead a normal, productive and enjoyable life.You are uncomfortable around other people.

No energy or drive or pleasure. An overwhelming bleakness.You barely sleep or eat or overdo both. Your mind and body torment you in all sorts of strange ways.

Each day is a punishment and endurance test. Your are trapped in a prison, sometimes a torture chamber.

Being alive and conscious can feel unbearable. Suicidal thoughts and feelings are frequent.

I wish I didn't know this subject so well! The good news? Depression is a biochemical disorder which responds well to medication. There is hope

Yes,even for You!. If your are suffering, please force yourself to go to a psychiatrist. Things really can get better


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