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Dear parent, guardian

Dear parent, guardian,

"As a high school educator, I am first hand witness to the travesty of justice. While technology has taken over our mundane lives it has created an upbeat persona in most teenagers and their families equally.

Age has no barrier to technology. My 3-year-old grandson has both his tablet and cellphone which he is quite comfortable to teach me his tricks. Needless-to-say that there is nothing wrong with technology except when it robs you of your livelihood. I watch my grandson so animated in his digital life and then I realise I miss him and so desire to spend quality time with him. Alas, when the battery dies he simply passes it on with ‘please charge’ request.

Now I can blame technology on this but how true is this because he was two months when he became glued to the big screen in the lounge. He was fascinated by the sound and colour, I presume, considering he was just born few weeks ago.

How many parents do this to their children were they place their unknowing child before the tv to keep them quiet while they catch up on work or chores. This then becomes a routine because it simply works. Question is, at which point will it dawn on these parents that while technology baby-sits, it does not replace the human touch of love and attention.

Therefore by-the-time these starved attention seeking children reach us in high school they are uncontrollable and suffer withdrawal symptoms when without their technology yes cellphones.

While it is an expensive toy to maintain it is also dangerous. So it is not allowed at most schools. Now this removal leads to discipline issues. If someone has one at school it gets stolen or they tend to engage with friends and this exposure causes it to get confiscated by management. Irate parents find their way to harass and insist their child needs a phone for xyz. And that is another story. So why have parents negated their simple responsibility of raising their child with principles and morals?"

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