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Covering up Severe Depression


What eventually happens if you keep trying to cover up severe depression?


"Left untreated depression can and does sometimes become life threatening. I started my battle with it very early in my life. its been an on again off again struggle since.

Being depressed is not a character flaw, it isn't a choice, or a sign of weakness. It is a illness like any other illness. Despite what some people think it is not just in the mind. Depression effects your entire body, can consume your life, and sometimes doesn't go away on its own. People need support from therapist, social workers etc, friends and most importantly family. The best support that can be given in my humble opinion is love. No judgement statements, no just snap out of it or other people got it worse nonsense. Love and encouragement are whats needed. Fix them a healthy meal and help them reach out by connecting them with resources. Above all be there for them unconditionally, share their burden and their pain. Belive me it will make a lot of difference. Suffering in silence will never lead to anything good.

Toni "


The Shackz

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