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Chat Shack Fighting Cancer

Creators note

This is a group i started for one friend which became more friends. And today i want to invite you all to join this special group of fighters like you. They are all in different stages and with different cancers. But you all have one thing in commen Cancer. You fight it every day every second of your life. And yes do wonder sometimes just how the heck do the other's do it. Well here's your chance to find out. Ask questions trade information remedies. But most of all know that the people on the other side know what you are going through. They may also have no family to depend upon or feel to guilty to bother them.

You can be here for each other. But most importantly Support one another. You are all going through the most difficult time in your life, you are fighting your own body... So let's do this together.

U chose the fighting Phoenix as your profile pic because out of the ashes you will rise together stronger and ready to be alive.

Welcome to Chat Shack Fighting Cancer What's Up Group.



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