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Chat Shack Family and friends Cancer

This group has been created for the family and friends of people fighting cancer.

We all know how difficult it gets to fully comprehend what the Fighter's is talking about when they talk about their pain their fears..

So we try to understand but we just can't seem to get the two and two together. We aren't in their situation. So we get upset, we pull back, we stay away and yes we avoid the person that needs us most.

There is absolutely no sin in it, it's just you being human. Give us something we can fix, with a pill with meds... Damn something we can at least see or feel. But most of these cancers we see our loved one sliding away and we feel powerless to stop it. So instead of fighting with them we fight them. Why?? Because we can see them we can feel them we recognize them so our brain tells us we can fix them if only they try harder fight harder...

This group is to share your experiences, your difficulties your pain having to see a loved one fighting cancer.

To be here for one another when one feel powerless.

Yes we need to talk and learn to cope with the disease that might make us say an early Goodbye..

We will learn from each other, learn more about the cancers and prepare ourselves to be there for the one we love.

I chose the groups profile pic because Together We Will be Stronger.

Welcome to Chat Shack Family&Friends of Fighters


Toni 🕯️

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