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Celebrating Women

We are celebrating Mother's Day by CELEBRATING all the woman who was and is in your life's. Our first story is up already!!

If you want to Celebrate someone sent me your story and pic on

083 651 3729


You can do it anonymous, but just let her know. She is Special for someone. Mean something to someone.

We don't know each other's life's only what we are allowed to see. She might just need to hear she meant something. Her efforts is wort it, even though they don't get recognized.

It can be a mother, a sister, a teacher, a teller, anyone that you want to celebrate and make her feel special. And no I am not putting men on the spot, it can be brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts everyone has a woman in their lifes that made a difference at one point in your life.

Let her know


The Shackz


083 651 3729

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