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Celebrating Hannelie ๐Ÿ’™

Celebrating Woman


"I met Hannelie online, Facebook to be correct. She has just lost her husband. But she was like no other I have ever met. She didn't feel sad for herself. She just fought harder, to make a difference. To make their dream of a Shelter a reality.

She joined my groups, and reached out to people, touching lives as far as she went. She had an aura of love and knew how to draw people out of the deepest rabbit hole.

She touched my soul, my heart. She made me see, I am worth something. She made me feel proud of starting The Shackz.

Something i never knew, self love. She didn't tell me a broken person can't help others. No, she told me by helping others I heal myself.

She knew when I was lost, going down the rabbit hole. She never once told me get yourself together, she listened to me with no judgement. Told me shit when needed, but most of all I found love by a total stranger.

When she found out about her 3rd time breast cancer. She asked why, but also said I did twice before I can do it again.

She is fighting cancer, running a shelter without fear, have a good word to uplift everyone on the groups.

Pretty soon she became admin on the groups. I felt proud the day she said yes to be part of mu NPO. Something i never knew before. Yes my husband was proud of me, but this time I had a woman incouraging me, pushing me in my studies, stood up for me when attacked, and my flight or fight kicks in. She has found me in a mess so many times. But not once judged, not once told me you can't do this... Words i never heard before

She helped me find myself be proud of myself. Learned me I can be my own person, I do not need to take the negative remarks to heart.

But one thing that will always stay with me. Will be the day that she told me, if things get to much you are always welcome here, my door will be always open for you. And at last I knew if ever I end up alone, I have somewhere to go where I am welcome. If something happens and I find myself alone.


So this is my Celebration of an remarkable woman, who is Ouma for the homeless. But much more to me...

Thank you for coming in my life and be proud of me.


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

WhatsApp Groups

083 651 3729

065 741 3428

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