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Cape Flats Chronicles


"Dear Tanya you blocked us before we could reach out to you. I hope you find this.

If ever you need to talk. You know we are here for each and every one of you. Tanya you aren't a weakling girl, you still have fire in your soul. And with your letter we hope to reach more. When you ready let us know.

You aren't alone never alone."

Tanya's Story:

"My name is Tanya and Lexie is my main chick ,she told me that she sent her life story and I would like too do same because I have two daughters and my story could prevent them from doing what I am doing,Carmen and Toni ,Lexie told use about us staying on the road and hustling too survive its not easy ,when I was 16 my mother died from a heart attack and I moved in with my grandmother she died when I was 17 I met a guy ,and instead of me becoming his girlfriend I became a possession a asset in his life I got pregnant and he beat me until I went intoo labour had my girls returned to him and then there was a day his brother had a normal conversation with me my boyfriend got upset as he was already drunk,he chased me down the street and beat me and the neighbors saw everyone was too scared to help ,he dragged me home and demanded I remove my underwear ,he sliced my vagina with a shaving blade and told me his marking me because I am his ,I waited for him too pass out I ran away left my girls with him ,I ended up on the streets and I am now a drug addict and a prostitute in wynberg I am tired of this life but I am safe here and I am accepted ,Toni and Carmen I want too change but I am not strong enough to face the withdrawal symptoms being stoned is my escape ,my thoughts are with my kids and it kills that I cannot be with them ,I hustle and bussle all day ,Lexie has become my family and we deal with it ,last night I was stabbed because of territory issues but we survive ,my age is 22 and our lives are already at an withdrawing while texting this so the emotions are real and I am feeling what I avoid each day,Toni and Carmen you two girls have become a familiar name amongst us girls on the street ,Thank you its cool that use are looking out for us ,maybe one day I will be strong enough to reach out too you guys and my life will improve but for now I am a weakling .cheers ,I salute use.


Thank you Tanya


083 651 3729

065 741 3428


079 847 4709

Growing Wings


071 060 4339

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