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Cape Flats Chronicles.

"My name Alexis I am 28 years old and I was raised in the heart of Cape Town ,gun land a place where no girl should be left alone,My story started when I was merely 3 my father left each morning too work my mom would slip on my gown and we would visit by a local shebeen she got drunk and I played with my friends until a day came a man came and offered me a sweet I then followed him and he lured me intoo a shack and did oral sex on me,I was not sure what was happening and carried on with my day while my mom carried on getting drunk ,my mother passed out and I continued playing with my friends and following the man until the day came my mother asked me where am I getting the sweets from ,I told her what the man did and what I got in return my mother dragged me by my hair said I am ougat and must not make up stories that would cause major trouble if my dad should find out.I was 11 my parents got divorced and my mother boyfriend moved in with us ,my mother used drugs with him and when she was stoned I was forced too watch them have sex sometimes I had too leave but most times it would happen while I was in her bedroom or he had his hands in her pants in my presence,16 my mom said I must date one of her friends sons ,Everyone was partying and I was asleep I felt a hand over my mouth and was told not too turn and look it was the the guy I had too date ,he raped me I felt pain and I felt alone I could not scream for help because I was trapped in his arm.I got pregnant and my mother beat me with a hose piping and removed me from the school system she did not give me a chance to tell her what happened,I had my baby and waited for my mother too fetch me at the hospital up until today she did not come,I am now a drug addict ,roaming the streets of wynberg ,I get chased out of shopping malls because I am well known,I beg for money on the streets and I hustle too survive each day,my son is in the system and I am not ready too change,I hope my story gives someone strength and makes them want to change their lifestyle ,Carmen and Toni staying on the Cape Flats is a living hell but a girl gotta do what is needed too survive.I salute you two women for caring about us batterrd women.


The Shackz


083 651 3729

065 741 3428

Growing Wings


071 060 4339

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