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Cape flats Chronicles

I am 25 years old and this is my story, I stayed with my family in a two bedroom house and I shared a bedroom with my parents my older siblings had the next room, I slept between my parents at night I witnessed my parents having sex with me on the bed and it became a regular thing,at that time I was disgusted and scared because I thought my mom was in pain, I hated sex, my step brother started molesting me when my parents were at work and a day came when he fetched me at school and him and his friend asked me to sit in their lap I felt their erect penis and I was uncomfortable, same thing happened with his friend but this day they pulled down their zips and I screamed from pain I was 9, I told my mother she said I must go away and stop spreading stories it continued for a long time, 16 years old I met a boy and I got pregnant my mother beat me up with a dog's leash and said I must leave her house immediately, I left and today I am 25 years old I did not return . I wish too stay anonymous because I don't want to be found.


083 651 3729

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