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Blaming Game Victim Mentality

Why do you always see yourself as a victim. While it's healthy to acknowledge negative experiences that come from circumstances of powerlessness, such as rape or robbery, it's not healthy to constantly and continuously believe one is powerless. Such people have a victim mentality, constantly thinking and feeling as if things always just happen to them. If such individuals always feel that their life is controlled externally. Example : "Everyone is against me, I am always there for everyone. But no one is there for me." It is often difficult for such a person to change their mindset, but taking ownership and responsibility for their life is essential. Seperating fact from fiction by looking at their irrational beliefs and replacing them with more healthier ones. All people have the task of granting themselves the - "right to exist" - for that is human nature. But each of us is intimately aware of our own ignorance and fail ability, dispite what anyone else might think. If we know our imperfections and yet do not have understanding and acceptance for ourselves as ignore T and growing beings, we might "disappear" before the seeming certainty of another and inadvertently make ourselves their victim. Unless someone jumps me and threaten my life, I always have the power to choose my actions and to learn from my experiences what I simply did not know before. Rather than focus on what the other person is doing, we can look to whether or not we are the person we like to be. The inability to assume personal responsibility is one of the primary behavioral patterns for playing the role of the victim. In the victim consciousness, the primary perception is that life is happening "to them" only "to them" because there is no awareness of personal responsibility. In order to shift out the perception of being a victim, what is needed is a shift of consciousness - a shift in self-awareness. You have to be willing to let go of blame. Whether it's getting to the point of being tired of re-living painful circumstances, or as simple as running out of excuses and there is simply nowhere else to go, there will come a time when you must realize that as long as you continue to make others responsible for your circumstances you are giving away your power. You give them power over your life... Toni🪔

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