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Blaming game

"A cynic once said the most identifying trait of humanity is our ability to be inhumane to one another."

Ever wonder why people start to blame everyone around them once they make mistakes and or encounter difficulties in their life??

We tend to hold on to all regrets, failures, and what-if's of our life which shapes a very different picture of ourselves than what we try to portray to those around us. Many of us emotionally beat ourselves up over past mistakes. What if I make a mistake?? The last thing I want to do is to acknowledge it as it might open our own Pandora's box. Isn't it easier just to blame someone else?? If I can convince myself that someone else is the problem, then maybe I can convince others as well. Before reacting like usual and blame another STOP and think...

Example : You trip over a step, your reaction is to immediately point and blame the step for being there. STOP...THINK... REALIZE... If I wasn't busy texting while walking I would have seen the step... Now own it!!! It's your own fault, your own responsibility. The momentary lapse in that negative feeling is enough to help us feel better, then find a solution.

For the person who puts the blame on to others, they feel that they don't need to fix the problem because it's not their problem. For that person, the feeling of anger and unfairness is so comfortable and familiar that a good feeling of peace becomes foreign. They actually look for things to be upset about. Example : Being mad at how other people live and react, modern society.

It's something they have no control over, yet they blame everyone for being human with human faults, and they see themselves as the victim carrying the world's problems and only they see and feel all the wrong in humanity.

We're human, mistakes are going to happen. It's what we learn from those mistakes that allow us to succeed during future attempts.


Our failures, mistakes, and problems are never our fault. Someone either gave us the wrong information, or others misunderstood us, or circumstances of the situation did not align correctly...

But it's never our own fault!!!

Take responsibility


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