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First off there's a big difference between having empathy and being an Empath.

Empathy-Is Being i tuned to other people's life, feelings and circumstances.

Empath-Is a person who LITERALLY feel and take on other people's feelings as if they were there own....

* In short we just feel more intense sympathy than the average person

* We are more accurate in recognizing emotions by looking at another's face.

* More likely to recognize emotions earlier than others and rate that emotions more intense.

* Read more in what is unsaid than said


Yes we do have a dark side being a empath. It comes in the form of having TWO CONFLICTING VOICES

Roaring In your head. Constantly feeling both the GOOD and the BAD.

In other words the NEGATIVE and The POSITIVE. To the point of being overwhelmed. And yes we are more susceptible to the Negative energies in live.

We need to learn to protect our own energy and embody both shadow and light. Maintaining the ability to still care for, love and identify with whoever we encounter.


* Physical Empath -

You are especially attuned to other people's physical symptoms and tend to absorb them into their own bodies

* Emotional empaths -

You pick up other people's emotions and become a sponge for their feelings. Be it happy or sad.

* Intuitive Empath -

You experience extraordinary perceptions such as heightened intuition, telepathy, messages in dreams, animal and plant communication as well as contact with the other side.

Weird??? Yip it is...

So you hear me saying: "I am a Empath"

You think immediately

"so you can read minds"

Guess what you aren't far off. The trait isn't exactly cinematic ESP. We are just deeply attuned to what you are feeling - emotionally and physically!! We experience these emotions as if they are our own often without either one of us saying a word. Quite a super power right...????

Are you a Empath??

1. Ever told you are moody???

Guess what...

you are😏 If you are a emotional chameleon your colors can change in a blink of an eye.

2. Peacemaker??

Bad energy drains you completely. It feels like your switch is flipped on off. So you will do anything to avoid that feeling. And you can see both sides of a problem.

3. Not for big loud or busy public spaces??

You find these places strangely exhausting... It's because you don't have filters to block out all these different emotions seeping into your psyche.

4. You get physically ill when someone fights or yells at you??

Yes you are highly sensitive and the intensity of such an ordeal might be to much for you...

5. Violence and Cruelty on TV isn't for you??

Then rather stay away from News Horror's and especially tear jerkers!!!

6. People talk to you easy???

Probably because you're a compassionate lestener. AND!!!!!! have a problem saying NO!!

7. Very strong intuition

Just kinda know things without being told. And yes that's why you make gut decisions.

8. Feel SUPER WEIRD around FaKe people??

possibly because your gut tells you they are faking and that is what makes you uncomfortable.

9. Holistic methods of healing your thing??

Reiki?? Acupuncture??

Could be because you feel metaphysical presence that you're trying to unpack and understand...

10. Deep connection to nature and animals??

You manage to find your "grounding" outdoors in a camp next to water being with animals... that's because there's no negative energy present

11. You need your alone time??

Be that being out in nature or just staring mindlessly at a TV screen. You definitely need to get away from it all. To "recharge" be yourself again.

You might have all the signs but it may differ from my point of view but I hope you get it...


Yes unfortunately we do suffer from being overwhelmed by stressful situations. We do experience - anxiety, panic attacks, severe depression and exhaustion. And we even show physical symptoms such as un regular heartbeat, un regular blood pressure, unbelievable headaches and yes incredible body pains. For the simple reason we internalize the feelings and pain of others without the ability to distinguish it from our own. Being introvert as well makes you feel more sensitive to the brain chemical responsible for feelings - DOPAMINE. These feelings may be good bad personal sexual you are feeling everything in OVERLOAD!!!

We are afraid of getting in to new relationships simply because we get completely absorbed by that relationship. We lose our own being in a way just because we can't distinguish between our own feelings and that of the other person's. You feel swallowed up non existent

So to conclude yes we are a bit flaky, weird, moody and untrusting. But we are who we are we realize that we are difficult so give us our space and I can promise you we will always be here when you need us.


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