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What is Chat Shack??

It is a safe space to get rid of the wrecking balls inside your mind. Those days that things gets to heavy to carry alone...

Who is Chat Shack??

It is a platform I created when I realized at last I am not alone. There's others that fights their demons alone. Who gets the same criticism as me, that just feel they're never good enough. Feeling guilty, for being alive. That has more quistions than answers...

What do we talk about??

I am not a trained professional, I am studying and get answers from professionals. Help look for answers. Sometimes just be here to listen. You do the talking. I don't judge and yes I get angry and yes do get snotty and sarcastic if the opportunity is there. But most of all I try to be here for everyone. I don't have a miracle cure I don't have all the answers. But I am here...

How much does it cost??

Not a cent. I don't ask you for data or a fee to listen. To do inquiries on your behalf. This is a space I created to honor my father who never spoke about his heartache's or troubles. Yet he lived himself out by creating the most awesome things. So how can I charge for something I do out of love and honor..

Is this confidential??

Yes it is. I do not use information to blackmail you or to get you in trouble. I do not discuss our conversations in detail with anyone (to my husband's annoyance lol) but I do this because I know how it feels to get your trust broken over and over again.

About myself...

I am 51


Born and bred South African.

A daughter 31 a son in law and x3 grandsons

And I have a son 27.

Love animals. The bush and mountains more than the sea.

I have already a few diplomas and sertificates in mental health. And is currently studying psychology.

OH and I go by T Toni or Toinette whichever is easiest for you.


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