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my mother has withheld emotional support from me my whole life. I have 3 brothers and they were all her favorites. I grew up thinking it was because I was a girl that she was so hard on me. Now as an adult, I’ve tried numerous times to try and have a relationship with her to no avail. She has interfered in every relationship I have ever had and she tells everyone that I’m a bad person. She has never had one good thing to say about me to anyone. She had alienated me from my grandkids, brothers and all cousins. She has even told me several times that she never wanted me. I got very sick several years ago and she told people that I was dying. And when I started recovering she tried to keep me away from everyone. She stole possessions and assets of mine and sold them and kept the money. She told family that I owed her. She hasn’t spoken to me in over a year. That’s when I walked away. I can’t understand how she can treat me as she does and yet I still want to get along with her. I forgive her for all the horrible things she has done and said towards me but I realize that I had to walk away to save myself. But this still hurts.


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