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A very Special Mom and Daughter

My example My life... My Shanel

Shanel was a long awaited gift from GOD .... an elastoplast to cover all the pain and mourning of my other 4 children's deaths.

Something went wrong during her birth leaving her without oxygen for longer than i minutes and blue... end result cerebral palsy severe brain damage. She was a very sickly baby from day one fighting to keep her. She is a real fighter and she us my whole existence. Celebrating her 21st birthday on 20 April was a miracle from Gid. We both were tested and an example what God can do. This 21 years drawn us so close to God kept us faithful every prayer answered super naturally. Every sent for her caring doctors clothing electric wheelchairs scooters. I'm a widow for 14 years last years 24/7 care giver of my gift no job but we've never lacked anything. She can understand me keep me going having to muscle diseases a few serious other illnesses that keep us from sleeping at night so much pain and suffering everyday of her life. But always smiling Laughthing never complaining. From every where people know her love her tell her she's their role model. Staying more in hospitals than at home but where ever she is she live God speak God teach God. Been baptized under water baptized with Holy Spirit. Always praise and worship in a seriously connected way to God. When I cry asking him will I do a thing where what. . Her answer always gurl who's your Daddy ask God.... it was a tough hard life up to here but I wouldn't have changed this road for nothing else...God has a way of showing people who comes into our life's that He is in controle that we will stay faithful and believe always in His miracles and protection.

Shanel Nunes Madeleine van Staden is celebrating you this week. But may I add I could never had her to celebrate after 21 years if my Daddy God didn't enclosed provided and protected us leaving everyone who knows us speechless.

Her Mommy


Thank you for sharing Maddy, we salute both of you.


The Shackz


Support Line

083 651 3729

065 741 3428

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