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A True Psychopath

Do you know a psychopath or have you ever knowingly been in the presence of one. If so, what are they like in person? Did you suspect anything off immediately or did it take time? Do you anyone you suspect is psychopathic and why?

Unfortunately, I knew a psychopath all too well and was terrorized and tortured by him for years. My brother was clinically diagnosed with PRIMARY PSYCHOPATHY while in prison.


To be clear: My brother was not abused as a child. He was born that way, the ultimate example of pure evil.

My earliest memories weren't happy but were of him cackling with glee while pulling wings off flies, burning grasshoppers with magnifying glasses and using old syringes to inject frogs with rubbing alcohol.

When I was five, he stuffed a sock in my mouth and held me down so a pedophile could molest me.

By the time he was twelve, he had graduated to catching rabbits in live traps and letting his dogs slowly kill them. Training the dogs, he called it.

He bough several boxes of chocolate Ex-Lax and fed it to little kids on the schoolbus, claiming it was candy. He did get suspended for three days but loved gloating about how funny it was to see the kids sh*tting themselves later that day.

After months of him torturing rabbits, I eventually cracked from listening to their howls of agony and released the surviving ones. When he discovered what I had done, he forced me to watch as he cut off the heads of my kittens and splattered me with blood.

After an elderly neighbor stopped him from beating me, he set her home on fire. Although I saw him coming home with the gas can, no one believed me because by then he had perfected his mask and claimed I made it up.

When he decided to give my young cousin a beating and I refused to tell him where the child was hiding, he began killing my pets one at a time to make me tell him. I didn't, although my heart was breaking. Years later, my psychiatrist explained that this wasn't just abuse but an act of terrorism in forcing me to choose between my cousin and my beloved pets.

As an adult, I avoided contact with him, but his resentment of me resulted one night in him repeatedly shooting into my house. I climbed out a window with my child and hid in the woods after he took my husband hostage. The next day, with him incarcerated on a seventy two hour mental health hold, we packed our things, moved six hundred miles away and never saw him again.

When his wife discovered he had raped his own daughter, he tried to kill her, not from anger, but to keep her from calling 911.

Later, he murdered a man and claimed it was an accident. That time, he was convicted and spent most of his life in prison. While there, he convinced a female attorney to believe in his innocence and they were married after he was paroled. Fortunately for her, he died two years later. No one in our family, including his children, attended his funeral.

I could write about hundreds of other things my brother did but these are enough to make my point.



Thank you Sharon for telling us your story. I have daily people telling me that their partners is psychopaths. Labels does so so much damage i have seen it and lived it. Please don't lable someone just because they tick a few boxes on Google you can cause life long scars.


The Shackz

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