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A TRIBUTE : To the Fighting Generation

A Tribute :

To the Fighting Generation

As I sit here in my old armchair,

Memories flood my mind without a care,

Of days long gone, of youth and strife,

When I was but a young soldier in life.

I fought for a cause that seemed so grand,

A war for politicians who made their stand,

But now I see it was all for naught,

A pointless fight that left us all distraught.

The pain, the fear, the blood and sweat,

Were all for a cause that we now regret,

For those in power, who called the shots,

Have long forgotten what we fought.

They live in riches, so far removed,

From the struggles of those who proved,

Their loyalty to a cause now lost,

For the politicians who bore the cost.

Now I am old, alone and gray,

A forgotten soldier, cast away,

Left to ponder on what went wrong,

As I listen to the politicians' song.

A song of greed, of power and might,

Of using citizens to feed their sight,

A song that echoes through the years,

As the politicians shed no tears.

But I remain proud of what I did,

For my country, I gave my bid,

And though the politicians may forget,

I know that I did my best, and that's a safe bet.



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