A tribute to a fighting generation

It took me awhile to finally write this post. Luckily I am at a age I don't care much about keeping everyone happy. If I can reach one person I will be ecstatic.

This is a tribute to young men once upon a time in a Bush war called Angola. What happened to them?? How are they doing, and how did they cope with emotional stress, PTSD, Shell Shock, how did they survive a bushwar?? Why do I get all these mails, what's ip's, messenger from all over the world, about war in Pakistan War in Iran, Iraq talking about PTSD?? Yet no one from The South African Border War or the Angolan bush war??

It started 26 August 1966, the year my husband was born, ended 15 January 1990, the year my daughter was born. And it chills me to the bone to read the statement that these two seperate wars entwined into one was known for some of the largest battles on the African Continent since WW2.

How do troops 71000 strong in 1988 my wedding day. Step out of their uniforms and into sivvies without a ghost that haunts them. Father's sons brothers sometimes even grandpa's would have fought in the same war.

How did they do it??

So I started researching asking some difficult questions. Reaching out to friends and colleagues. Asking on Facebook for anyone who experienced these wars to contact me.

Some of the replies had me in tears. The friends in arms had me in stitches at times, but most of the time just heartbroken. To hear of their losses, their defeats their victories. But conversation was riddled with blank spaces. "The rather not talk about that's"

Until I realized that's how they cope, they just don't talk about it...

I caught glimpses of lingering Pride, honor and fight still smoldering under the ashes of a Bush war entwined with a Border war.

These are proud men that stood for something. They answered their countries

Call without hesitation without questions. For 23 years 4 months 2 weeks and 6 days they gave their all. No matter race no matter language they fought together for one goal. And today they have the same question to ask: "FOR WHAT??"

Watch ou for my next post where I will tell you all about their answers. An the chosen words for the 1994 young people, those who ridicules these men who gave their all.

You will meet *Johan* *Mike* and *Dries* who speaks out for the long fergotten troops who once heard their country call.



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