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A moment in time

What person destroyed their entire life by making one simple mistake?

I did. My husband and I were at the beach, on vacation. He had been sitting, reading a book. I said I was going to go rinse off, then we could leave. He said, “I’ll come with you.” I almost said to him, “No, just stay in your chair, I’ll only be a minute.” But I didn’t. We both went in, waded out, and got drawn into deep water by sudden big waves and a strong current. We were struggling, but I managed to escape the current and swam in for help (I was not a strong enough swimmer to do a lifesaver’s carry with him). He did not make it out. Everyday, I regret that I did not make him stay in his chair. Every day in the last ten years.

Kathi Thomas Rosen


Life can change in a moment. So let every moment count.


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