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By now you all know the man and woman who inspires me and many others to get up and fight every day. Uncle Frik and Hannelie. They fight for every ounce of life they can tap into. They support and carry other participants on the groups with love and honosty.

Uncle Frik and his CBD CHOCOLATE Factory brings relieve to alot. Hannelie's calm way of telling her story has brought so many comfort.

But that's not why I am writing today.

Today I want to tell you about Uncle Frik's silent prayers for participants on the what's up group.

He has been painting their names on rocks then drive all the way to the pink windmill in the middle of nowhere and nerens. Where he puts each rock with each one's name at the bottom of the mill. I guess as I know him with a prayer for each of them as he lays them down at Jesus feet.

Hannelie still runs the Willie's Haven. Somedays out of bed most day's from the loo😏. Because you see she got very sick lost a whole person and just kept a breath for herself. But she still have place for every person brought to her. She do not judge them, because they're white and drug addicts, or homeless. She gives them what little she has and half of them fall asleep on her couch. Why because they know they are safe.

We eventually found people to actually help her with food and clothing. One lady is from the what's up group. And the other an organization called #moeggesukkel.

From all of the Shackzies thank you Bobby for coming to her aid more than once, when we couldn't get help to her.

But most of all I want this piece to be a Tribute to the Two people who inspires me and many others that as long as there's air in your lungs you can make a difference.

Thank you Uncle Frik and Hannelie


083 651 3729

065 741 3428

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