Time heals all wounds is how the saying goes. Doesn't work that way does it. The minute you think I can breath again, I can think again, the wound rips open and it hurts all over again.

You can't breath, you feel trapped you want to get out. But you are stuck in the whirlwind of emotions. Riding the waves of hurt your tears made in your soul...

And its real as real as when it happened. Back in the moment in a blink of an eye.

And there's nothing you can do except ride it out. Until the scab has formed again. The scars is always there. Edged into your soul forever. Might not bleed. But itches at times a constant reminder you can't get away from. You carry it with you.

Your decision is are you going to use that scab, scar, hurt as a learning tool. Or are you going to cringe away and let it rule your life.

They come in different forms these scabs and scars. Funerals, accidents, trauma, abuse, all shapes and sizes. They grow with you. In you like a paresite plant they find their path to your deepest depths.

My question

Are you going to stand up and fight. Take back your life??

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