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I am

"I’ve always been that person that shows the world exactly what it needs to see:

I’m happy, warm and a point. You really do not want to hurt someone I care for.

Everyone thinks they know me, but truthfully,

very few really do.

My true friends, the few that I trust with my secrets, are the ones that know me for the person that I truly am.

The rest of the world?

They see what I choose for them to see.

I’m the one who’s always inviting, complimentary and willing to chat, because that makes people feel good.

I have conversations every day and if you asked those same people something about me..they’d have no clue who I really am.

That’s the way I choose to live and guard my heart and soul.

Not everyone deserves the chance to really glimpse into the depths see the scars that made me unique and beautiful.

It’s not because I’m ashamed or hiding anything, but because I know my worth and I only want quality people in my life that truly get me. People who understand why I go quiet...

I’m not always easy to understand- I don’t even know why I do some of the things I do sometimes, but I’m worth the effort.

I’m authentic, soulful and loving in a way that most never experience in their lifetimes.

I believe those are the precious parts of me that only those closest to my heart deserve to know.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, far from it..I’m just guarded and different.

I’m careful about who I let behind my walls, because I’ve been down the other road of heartache from letting people in that didn’t deserve it. And all I was left with was emotional scars.

So, the ones that I love are the people that I cherish and know me for my truths, both good and bad.

Everyone thinks I’m an open book and that doesn’t bother me..they will think what they want to think anyways..

But I’ll always have those special few pages that are meant to be read by only a few loved people-the ones close to my heart.

I choose to live my life in my own way, without explanation or regret. I think I deserve it after trying to live up to everyone's expectations. It was exhausting and I just never could satisfy them.

I may be guarded and challenging sometimes,

But I’m always worth it and now I know it - so if I let you in you have but one chance.

One thing I learned quite well is to walk away, throw a match and burn that bridge.

But if you decide to stay you will see I am...

Deep, genuine and loving, I’m truly one of a kind.


The Shackz

Emotional Support Line

WhatsApp Groups

083 651 3729

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